Indiana Caves Have A Lot To Offer

Over the weekend (January 21st – 22nd) members of COG collaborated with CIG (Central Indiana Grotto) to visit some very wet and very visually stunning caves in Southern Indiana.  We were also joined by some members of GCG (Greater Cincinnati Grotto) and The Louisville Grotto.  Organized by Robert Plumb (CIG) and Wendy Orlandi (COG).  The trips were led by experienced, local caver Charlie Vetters.

We visited Buddha cave on Saturday and Shiloh cave on Sunday.  Indiana had just received some rain so the water table was too high to see all of Buddha but what we did get to see in these caves was inspiring.  Here’s a peek at some of the amazing formations we saw.

Pristine Viewing

There is a 30′ repel into Buddha cave and entry into Shiloh cave is carefully guarded and requires special permission from the land owners.  Due to this limited access, the caves were in amazing condition, unmolested by vandals and most formations were intact.

More to Come

We were able to make some new friends and great connections with members of CIG, opening up opportunities for more exploration of karst in the Hoosier state.  Plans are already in the works for future Indiana caving trips to come.